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Until you’ve had your first trip to the Florida Keys, it might seem like it’s a destination that you can just show up and enjoy that Keys Life. Well, it takes more planning and understanding than that. The Florida Keys are a gorgeous destination, but space and resources are limited, so visiting with a plan is important. That’s where we come in!

The Keys Explored is all about helping visitors experience the beauty and fun of the Florida Keys while not having a lasting negative impact on either the environment or the people who call it home. Problems like pollution, traffic, housing shortage and supply issues can easily have an effect on such a sparsely populated or developed place. Maine is awesome, and the towns are remarkable, but it is delicate.

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What You’ll Find on The Keys Explored

Unless you grew up in Florida, you might not understand how the state is laid out and how to get around. We can help with that! Here on theKeysExplored.com we’ve got the following topics and guides to help you plan an awesome trip:

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